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Finally find a mechanical keyboard good for the office people

Finally find a mechanical keyboard good for the office people

I used to work in the office where we have to use the computer that owned by the company. Well, I wasn't keen on the typing feeling with the company's keyboard. So I brought my own mechanical keyboard to the office. At that time, I used brown switches. 

A few days later, one of my colleagues who sat opposite to me complained my typing noise. In fact, I am not a heavy-hand person and thought my 'noise' isn't as louder as those who used membrane keyboards. 

After that, I was aware of HHKB, which is said that it sounds more silent than Cherry MX or Cherry cloned switches. But it is so expensive for daily use, especially for those who are like me that only use the keyboard for general documents. In fact, the price of HHKB is ok for me, the layout not easy for people like me. I am not a coder after all.

 Until now, I tried Niz Plum. It gives me a great impression.

Topre clone switches, silent, and good smooth type feeling (at least for me).


I have to say, it would be unacceptable to some people like bump feeling or heavy-hand typing because of the 35g springs (I know it can switch to heavier springs). In the beginning, I was not familiar with the keyboard as well since I typed a long time on Cherry switches. Fortunately, I am the kind of silent typer so it won't be a big deal with the springs. 

Another reason why I finally like the keyboard is the keyboard is compatible with macOS, which means it has Mac modifiers that comes with the keyboard and supports Bluetooth connectivity. The price is much cheaper than HHKB. For me, I want to say it IS a good and silent mechanical keyboard for daily, especially for those who work at the office but like mechanical keyboards.


Also, it is able to use Cherry switches keycaps, which is easier to change the keysets you like. 



Niz Plum may not an enthusiast-like mechanical keyboard, but is a good companion for daily use in the office. 

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