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[Customer] x JWK Hades (Moyu Hardess) Review

[Customer] x JWK Hades (Moyu Hardess) Review

Moyu Hades is a gorgeous looking full nylon housing switch. The nylon is transparent and in sunlight you get to see a beautiful moss green color. The stem is P3 and it is slightly factory lubed. The spring is interesting, it's a 19mm three stage spring. The variant I got has a bottom out of 63.5g.

These switches paired with thick PBT keycaps could be the definition of thock. Of course my board is foamed, so it's a beautiful deep rich creamy sound. The spring gives plenty of resistance, which I really appreciate as a heavy typer and generally as someone who started off with tactiles.

u/sempiternaal thinks these switches are a total steal. They do require lubing, since multistage springs tend to have crunch. But they sound absolutely excellent and will not disappoint.

Read the original post for watching the sound test video.

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