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[Customer] Gateron Oil King Switch Review

[Customer] Gateron Oil King Switch Review

The packaging is very similar to the ones that come from Akko, a plastic top and bottom container holding the switches nice and snug.

It could potentially be used as a lubing station, so that's pretty cool.

For my background in linear switches, I've used Cherry MX Reds, Gateron Milky Yellows, Kailh Box Reds, Akko Radiant Reds, and now trying Gateron Oil Kings my first relatively premium linear switch.

At first usage, these are the best linear switches I've used stock, and after lubing one, I don't think the difference is too noticeable so I'll be using them stock.

Compared to the linears I've used, these are really smooth out of the box and sound better than the ones I've used, too.

I also noticed there isn't any interference with cherry profile keycaps in a north facing PCB so that's also a plus. There's not a lot of stem wobble and the full on black switch looks clean. The RGB isn't as bright compared to other switches, but that's to be expected with.

If I had the choice of choosing linear switches again between the ones I've used I'd go with the Oil Kings these are my favorite linear so far.

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Top and bottom of switch

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Showcasing RGB from Gateron Oil Kings vs Kailh Box Reds

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