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[Customer] AKKO 16-switch tester - very helpful during the switch testing

[Customer] AKKO 16-switch tester - very helpful during the switch testing

It is a Acrylic base tester with 16[4x4] slots for switches. You also get 16 transparent keycaps, which is very helpful during the switch testing.
I always wanted to try out different Akko switches as you can see there are some many with different characteristics , sound and feel.

From the looks you can see we have 2 different stem styles, 1 standard cross[+] stem which belongs to CS series and other is box style stem which makes the switches dust proof and reduces the stem wobble and belongs to the Jelly Series.

Out of all my favourite one is the Akko Jelly Silver which is a linear switch and has a very pronounced sound.
One switch which stand out just for the looks are the Akko Wine Red, has a unique wine red color and shiny glitter in the top transparent housing.

Akko Makes only Tactile or Linear switches both of which i like, however i would prefer linear over tactile ones [personal preference].

Overall Akko switches are a great option for the price, they come in very nice package of 45 switches and are quite affordable. They come in various colours and variety of spring options from small to long and single stage to two stage springs.

They even have dual tactile switches [Akko Jelly Blue and Akko Jelly Sponge] which gives you a tactile bump feel on the return of the key press.
Very satisfied with these switches , have ordered Akko Jelly Silver switches for my next board.

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