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Bye-bye XD64 2.0, hello XD64 3.0

Bye-bye XD64 2.0, hello XD64 3.0

It is time to say goodbye. XD64 2.x series finishes its journey with us. Its brother XD64 V3 will continue to serve those who love mechanical keyboards. 

XD64 V3 features USB-C connector and supports more layouts than XD64 V2 series. 



Summer is ending. It won't be better to attend an event for mechanical keyboards. We are lucky to have such opportunity to attend the Helsinki Mechanical Keyboard Meetup in Finland.  

Helsinki Mechanical Keyboard Meetup

Also, we bring some new items to the community as well.

Taihao Rubber 22-key set.

mStone keycap collection box.

Meanwhile, we add a new feature to our website, a live-chat bar. We are still improving our response time so that we could keep in touch with you. 

Please feel free to leave messages to us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your kindly support. 

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