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[KPICPRE] MKB87 V2 ISO dual mode mechanical keyboard kit


MKB87 V2 ISO dual-mode Mechanical keyboard kit

MKB87 is one of the best value Mechanical keyboard kits under $100 on 
Basic functions and SPECs are similar to the old MKB87 kits.
  • Full RGB LEDs (support kinds of light effects)
  • Full Switch Hot-swappable sockets (both 3pin and 5pin switches)
  • Dual Mode (cable Mode+Bluetooth 5.0 Mode)
  • Type C(USB detachable design)
  • NKRO
  • Setting Memory Core

With MKB87 V2,  the factory designs software to control its RGB, key setting, Macros, etc.  It gives MKB87 more customization features.

Besides the software, MKB87 V2 use a new plastic case mould, offering more durable and solid protection and looks for MKB87 V2. 

More images will be released in the future. (the following images are kind of prototype. 

MKB87 V2 ISO kit is estimated released in late September or the beginning of October.

Join our discord server and follow the topic for pre-discount code.

A glance at MKB87 V2 ISO Kit

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