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KPrepublic Hand-lubed Service

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KPrepublic Hand-lubed Service


  • KPrepublic hand-lubed Service ONLY accepts PAYPAL payment. 
  • KPrepublic hand-lubed Service isn't sold alone, you have to buy switches that you want us to lubricate for you.
  • It isn't allowed that buying 100 switches and just to lubricate 50 switches. It means that you have to buy hand-lubed service as same numbers as the switches you buy. For example, if you buy 35 switches, you have to buy the hand-lubed service as 35.

We are happy to offer the hand lubrication service. 

How to Buy?

When you choose switch from and add to cart, you need to add the lubed switch numbers as same as the switch you buy into your cart. 

The switch and the lubrication service MUST in same order

If you buy the switch and lubrication service in separate orders, we will direclty cancel your order. 

We will open the hand-lubed service window twice a month

JOIN KPREPUBLIC DISOCRD to follow the hand-lubed service.

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