Order Issues

If you get the info that your parcel is returned when you track your order, it is normal. It means the parcel is rejected by the security check when it arrives at the airport. No worries at all. It doesn't mean the parcel has issue, it is just bad luck that there are some unqualified parcels in the same container so that the parcel is rejected as well. Normally, China Post will attempt to reship. After several attempts failed, China Post will returned to us. When we receive the parcel, we will reship you as soon as possible.

Please read our update post and locate to 2020/6/16 for more info about such return issue.

Our process is 
- to fulfil the order with tracking number, then to transfer the order to the warehouse for packing (that's why customers get out-of-stock notification after they receive tracking numbers). After that, the packed order goes to the delivery agency for final check. Then the tracking number is activated. 

Therefore, we write a note on the tracking page that you could get the tracking info within 3 or 4 days after receiving the tracking number. Well, under the current situation, the time is going to be longer than the usual. It would be around 5 days that the tracking number will be activated.

Please share with us your order number and photos or videos about your issue.

The photo should contains the item you received and the shipping label. They are required to be in one photo. The Photo is better to be HD photo. 

KPrepublic.com will conduct group buys (GB) frequently.

Please pay attention that if you place GB item and non-GB items in one order, the order will be shipped when GB item is ready by default. 

Here are situations you may have:

- when you place GB item and non-GB item in one order, You could leave a note at checkout that you want us ship the non-GB items from the order first. Then we will ship the non-GB item(s) first.

- If you purchase Expedited shipping for the order which contains GB and Non-GB items, and want us to ship the non-GB items first, please tell us that you want to use the expedited shipping for GB item or Non-GB item(s). The expedited shipping can only for one shipment. It means that you have pay TWO expedited shipping for split the order.


Yes. It depends on your local customs policy. You are responsible for paying customs or import duties that your country may assign to you.


With the effect of COVID-19, free shipping and paid standard shipping will take over 30 - 45 business days on average. The 45 is the minimum shipping time, which counts from the day when you have the tracking info NOT the day you placed the order. 

We will contact you if your country cannot be reached with the free shipping. Then we will give you two options, 1) to have a paid standard shipping; 2) to have a expedited shipping. Of course, if you don't want to pay, we could refund to you within 2 business days. 

Still not receive?

Since the COVID-19, the longest shipping time we encounter is over 140 days with free shipping. If you don't receive the parcel after 140 days, please feel free to contact us for a solution (refund or reshipment). NOTE - the 140-day starter is from the day you have the tracking info, NOT from the day when you place the order.


When you check out, you will have the option for standard shipping or expedited shipping. 

Expedited shipping (fast shipping) starts from 25 USD, please try to contact us with your order number when you paid. Because we need to calculate if you need to pay extra shipping or not. Thank you for your understanding. 

KPrepublic.com will ship its most orders via FedEx by default (Extra shipping fee required if the shipping address is the remote area) if you purchase the expedited shipping, or the total value of your order is over 220 USD (not include 220 USD). If you want to use other couriers for the expedited shipping, please leave notes at checkout. Meanwhile, try to contact us to calculate the shipping fee. 

An item that contains battery will ship with DHL by default when you purchase the expedited shipping. Like GK61XS , GK64XS , KC84, DK63, GK73s, etc.

Because of the effect of COVID-19, our warehouse may pack slower than the usual. The fulfillment process would be:

- you will get your tracking number around 3 business days. From the day when you get your tracking number on, you are able to track your order no less than 10 days in that there is a backlog of orders in the warehouse waiting for packing. Sorry for such inconvenience. We are trying our best to pace up the packing process.

Thank you for your understanding. 

- To Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, we ship with SF-Express by default. Customers from Taiwan is required for ID card number for customs clearance. Please share with us the ID card number and real Chinese Name (in Chinese). Meanwhile, to download EZWay App and register with the real name for delivery. 

- To Brazil, the personal customs number or CPF is required for both free shipping and Expedited shipping. 

- To Argentina and Chile, the personal customs number is required for expedited shipping.